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Eternity Philops (they/Mx.) is a bodaciously Black and unapologetically queer conscious being who works to educate and serve Black, POC, and QTPOC communities in Yoga wellness. The owner of Soul Liberation Wellness based in Charlotte, NC, USA, Eternity began teaching professionally in 2017 after earning certifications in both Hatha Yoga and Kemetic Yoga. With passionate dedication, Eternity has taught hundreds of students through community classes, university courses, private sessions, and wellness retreats.

Addressing the limited options for Afrocentric forms of Yoga, Eternity created Kamili Yoga®, a modern Pan-African system for Black holistic wellness. Its purpose is to reconnect Black practitioners with their ancestral roots through the lens of yogic enlightenment. Kamili Yoga® is Eternity’s answer to the need for more culturally diverse Yoga systems, more Yoga systems that de-center Whiteness, and more Yoga systems that recognize the beautiful depths of Black and African being.


Bachelor’s of Arts,
Psychology & Sociology

Graduate Certificate,
Women & Gender Studies

Women’s Entrepreneurship Certificate

Certified Life Coach

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Kemetic Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga for 12-Step Recovery Leader

E-RYT & Continuing Education Provider

Second Degree Reiki Practitioner

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Short Summary

From the African Swahili word for “complete” and the Indian Sanskrit word for “union,” Kamili Yoga® is an Afrocentric system for Black holistic wellness. It is a contemporary creation launched in summer 2020 by its founder Eternity Philops, a Black queer Yoga wellness educator of the USAmerican southeast. Kamili Yoga® is rooted in the exploration of Pan-African cultures and people, from African ancestors of the Motherland to Black descendants around the world.

Press Release Article

Yoga System Centering Black Cultures & Wellness Developed by Queer Yoga Educator To Provide Safe Haven for Marginalized Black Yogis

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List of Kamili Yoga® Websites

Official Website
The primary site of Kamili Yoga®

Kamili Yoga® Video App
App for desktop, mobile devices, and smart TVs

The Kamili Collective
Student community and certification program

Scholarship Campaign
Donations to give 100 Black yogis free app access

The Kamili Yoga® Video App

Available on Android, iPhone, Apple TV, and Amazon FireTV

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