The Complete Ritual


“The Complete Ritual”

Rituals are a part of African spiritual traditions around the world, and are used to manifest desired realities, show honor and gratitude, commune with the Divine Source, and more. Ibada Kamili is the core ritual of Kamili Yoga™, and is a structured practice of five components that channel your inward intention and energy through outward actions and movement. It is called “the complete ritual” because every dimension of your complete being—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and universal—is honored and addressed.


Honor the Sacred

The ritual begins by inviting in Spirit and connecting to the Divine Source through an altar. For Ibada Kamili, anything can be an altar, be it a personal shrine, a single sacred item, or even your own body. Consecration of the ritual is marked by blessing the space with a spoken affirmation, prayerful invocation, and inner intention, along with an action such as lighting a candle, ringing a bell, burning herbs or incense, etc.


Center Your Breath

After your altar space is prepared, the next step is to come to stillness and concentrate on your breath, which embodies your vital life force. Conscious deep breathing relaxes the body, calms the emotions, clears the mind, and opens the spirit. This brings you to a state of inner peace and keeps you in the present moment. Centering the breath is essential in Ibada Kamili, as the breath guides the flow of both inner energy and outer motion.


Channel Your Energy

When you have entered a state of peace through deep breath work, you are better able to feel the power of your soul Self. At this stage in Ibada Kamili, you focus within to discern what and where throughout the body, heart, mind, and spirit, and connect to your divinity. Through cleansing deep breaths and the power of visualization, you concentrate on raising your energy, combining it with your intention, and channeling it throughout your entire being to expand your power to every dimension of Self.


Flow through Motion

With your inner energy raised and expanded, you move into outer motion. This intentional movement expresses celebration of life and honors the sacred union of individual Self with universal Spirit. Your motion is freely guided by the vital forces of conscious breath and intentional energy. Free flow Yoga poses are a commonly chosen form of motion in Ibada Kamili. However, almost any free flow body movement can be done—such as dancing and drumming—as long as it serves the ritual.


Listen in Meditation

Once you have completed your motion, Ibada Kamili concludes with stillness meditation, either in silence or with sound. This is the time to reflect on the fullness of your practice, to contemplate what you have gained and/or released, and to listen for any guiding revelations you may receive within from the Divine. Meditative prayer is welcome in this space, as well as any concentration techniques that help bring clarity to your mind, such as chanting, candle gazing, or other breath techniques.

The ritual is formally closed with a prayer of gratitude to the Divine Source and another altar action. Journaling your practice is highly recommended to help you keep a record of the holistic healing benefits you gain and to remember your ritual experiences and epiphanies. A general writing prompt can be:

“What did I experience?
What did I learn?
And what can I apply to my everyday life?”

Ibada Kamili should be practiced daily, but there is no time restriction or requirement. Your individual practice could be 20 minutes or two hours; it simply depends on how long you are led. What is most important is that you spend quality time on each component, and neither hurry the experience nor rush off as soon as your practice is over. A hasty practice is an empty practice.

Ibada Kamili
Closing Prayer

Divine Spirit,
The Eternal Ancestor of All
and Life Source Within All,
I give gratitude for the gift that is
my sacred soul, my complete being.
Please continue to grant me
the discernment and wisdom
to grow healthy connections in union
with Self, with others, and with Spirit
as I am guided on this journey of life
to become all I am meant to be

Asante, Asé.

Written by Eternity Philops. Copyright © 2020

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