Ways to Learn Kamili Yoga™

Lessons on the Kamili Yoga™ system and other forms of holistic wellness are available through group classes, community workshops, the student app, and the teacher certification program. An expression of the third system tenet Elimu Na Hekima—“Education and Wisdom”—these offerings help aspiring practitioners learn the tenets of Kamili Yoga™ and master how to make both the system and Pan-African knowledge an integral part of their everyday life.

Virtual Classes

With virtual group classes, students are guided in Kamili Yoga™ principles and practices. This includes breath work, conscious movement, meditation, and more. These offerings are held online via Zoom, and are posted for registration via Eventbrite. Classes are scheduled based on Eastern Time USA.

Change or Transform Your Character

Group Sessions

Workshops are ideal for teaching Kamili Yoga™ principles and practices through community organizations. Teaching options include single one-time classes and multi-week workshop series. With longer multi-week series, attendees are introduced to the core tenets of the Kamili Yoga™ system and will explore how to have greater union with Self, with others, and with Spirit. These sessions include lecture, discussion, and a soul-centered Yoga practice (please note that session requests are handled through Soul Liberation Wellness).

What I Hear, I Keep

The Kamili Yoga™ Student App

With the Kamili Yoga™ Student App, you can study at your own pace in the atmosphere that works best for you. Learn and practice in your home, in your yard, or even at a park . . . anywhere you have a screen and Internet access. As a subscriber, you’ll have unlimited access to exclusive Kamili Yoga™ lessons not available anywhere else. The student app is an affordable and accessible way for students to embrace the Kamili Yoga™ system and learn how to live it daily.

Wisdom Knot

The Kamili Collective

The Kamili Collective is a lifelong community of like-minded and like-hearted Black yogis who continuously encourage, support, and hold space for each other on their holistic wellness journey. Dedicated students of the Kamili Collective will work toward becoming certified as Kamili Yoga™ Community Leaders so that they can use their experience of the system to teach its practice and benefits to their local communities.

Authority and Leadership


He Who Does Not Know Can Know From Learning

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